Awan World Trading (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary company of Awan Group of companies in Kingdom of Bahrain, Cyprus, Dubai and Malaysia. In Transitional Evolvement of many decades our business kept excelling with diversified Projects of Media,Medical,Real Estates and Softwares etc, Awan Group stepped up towards Textile sector with certain production arrangements in Pakistan i.e 120 Dobby & Jacquard Weaving Looms,Processing and confectioning.



Awan Group of Companies
Kingdom of Bahrain
Flat-72 , Rasha Plaza Building #254
Road No.2007, Block 320 Hoora. Po Box No.15291

Cell +973 33771494, +923007111174 Mr.Mehr
Cell +973 36911011 Mr.Mudassar Awan
Tel. +973 17311128
Fax +973 17295005
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We are starting afresh but with pretty much skilled team who have infinite experience to ensure lapse free quality checks. For an immediate help we are available to give you phone call or meet you in person any time. We are not desperate for your orders untill we understand your feelings and product norms. Our prime concern is to be qualitative instead of quantitative. Love to hear from you how we could help you offering better quality, better price and ongoing better service. Wish you happy & healthy life.


We need your cordial consideration to support us as we just assumed Textile division being manufacturers & converters in sectors of

Message for Customers

Company Management excited with sensible decision to approach right Customer for right quality, right price on right time. We invite Textile world to let us join in good faith and honesty to open new doors of cooperation between us. We know you might have plunty of Textile suppliers but it is not certain they are satisfying your needs too.

Why we are different from Others

Although we don't claim to be angels yet we do claim to be good helpers. We read your pulse,Diagnose the issue and cure it.